Transforming physics education

SciLabs opens a door to an education that completely transforms traditional education in many aspects. By utilising top-notch software paired with brilliant sensors, we can now show the future generation of students “things” that they have never been shown before. 

A better way to teach physics


We use Python to create engaging simulations, animations and games to teach physics in a memorable way.


We use interactive exams to create a fun and innovative way to test student’s understanding of physics concepts.


We use a shared knowledge hub to provide interactive resources, simulations and real-world examples to make physics fun.


We use advanced sensors to collect real-time data and create interactive physics experiments for students.


We use visualisation tools to create interactive animations, simulations and visual representations of physics concepts for an engaging learning experience.


We use exciting games and simulations to make physics learning engaging.

Transforming Education,
One Interactive Physics Experiment At A Time

Our mission is to revolutionize the way students learn physics by harnessing the power of interactive technology and visual aids. We believe that every student deserves an engaging and fun learning experience, and we’re committed to providing that through our innovative approach. By fostering a love for physics in students, we aim to inspire a new generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators who will shape the world of tomorrow. Join us in our mission to make physics education fun, engaging, and accessible for all.

Innovative approach

Access to our knowledge hub, interactive exams, engaging class experiments.

Full Access

Access to everything that comes in a free plan and additionally, access to our visualisation platform, advanced sensors for classroom experiments and simulations and database of interactive physics games.

Our team

Meet the people who make it all possible, learn about their skills and experience, and see why they're passionate about what they do.

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Tomáš Janeta


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